MTA Walkthrough
M115: Raids
Servers get raided and it can cause chaos or even kill the server for a while.
Raids can cause chaos. There are normally 2 types of raids, the first one is when there are a mass amount of people joining the server, and the other type is when there is a staff member deleting all the Channels, and Bans all the members, this damage is irreversible, and can be really frustrating.
There are many ways to prevent both of these raids, and mostly consider getting good trusted staff members who won't abuse.

Preventing Mass Join Raids:

  • Get a Discord Bot like AltDentifier to prevent alts and raids.
  • Using Dyno to lock down the server on the raid.
  • Set-up logs to find out who are enrolled on the raid.
  • Make a channel where they only get access to the server after they verify.

Preventing Staff Abuse Raid:

  • Using Numix's Anti-Raid function to prevent abusive staff.
  • Have a trusted friend who from an opposite time zone to look out on your server.


Server raids can be deadly can lead to irreversible damage on the server and can kill the members and kill the servers, therefore you need ways to prevent raid attacks on your server.