M114: Reports
An essential part of Moderation with the help of your Server Members.
All servers are advised to have a bot that records reports, and this could massively help out the community and the server members can really help with moderation, and they should possible be awarded with a "Helper" role of some sort.
When there is some violation in Discord's Terms Of Service, you can report it straight to Discord and get that account or server punished from Discord and possible terminating that account or server. You can use this link to report to Discord.
A good way to have reports sent to your server by the Members, is to use ModMail or a Discord Bot that has a !report <@!member> [reason] This can be found in a variety of Discord Bots.

Bots that provides a Report System:


A report system are a good way to help the members with reporting another user on a rule they broke.