MTA Walkthrough
M113: ModMail Services
A easy and reliable way for your server members to contact you professionally for moderation and other needs for assistance.

Advantages Of ModMail Via Bots:

  • Provide your server with professionalism.
  • Keeps things organised.
  • A easy way to reach out to the Moderation and Administrative Teams.
  • A good way for users to report users to help Moderators instead of annoying pings on Moderators.

Disadvantages Of ModMail Via Bots:

  • Can't contact the user after they leave.
  • Can't reply or the user can't use ModMail because of blocked DMs.
Bots are really the best way for you to integrate ModMail Services into your server. You could get public bots from the internet and invite them and set-up modmail, but you could take a more expensive but professional way to make a private bot that is dedicated to only your server, but you will need to get a developer, Or you could code a Discord Bot yourself if you have the experience.
There are many bots you can use for ModMail Services, and the setup is very straight forward. The well known ModMail bots consists of The ModMail Bot and Discord ModMail Bot.
Another way you can possibly integrate ModMail is by using Discord's new Thread feature and use bots to manage the threads and use them like ModMail.


Having ModMail services in anyway in your server will help members to reach out to the Moderators and for support and also makes the server seem more professional.
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