MTA Walkthrough
M111: Remember Your Position
You need to know your staff position and perms, and the things that you can and can't do.
Remember that as a Discord moderator, people will see you as an extension of the development staff, so do not make any claims or even jokes regarding the future development of the game without being clear that it is not an official stance. You should pass along any concerns people bring to you regarding the game to development staff or direct them to the appropriate feedback channel and make it clear that you yourself are not part of the development staff.
Similarly, when answering any questions about the server or the game (especially in regards to its development), do not make guesses, but instead consult with administrators or other moderators before giving an answer. If you are actively chatting with a user when such an issue comes up, you should inform them that you will find a definitive answer and get back to them.
You may express your own personal opinions about the state of the game, the development company, etc., but please be respectful when doing so. Finally, please do not make any announcements about the game or Discord server without consulting with an administrator.

Things you need to consider:

  • Do I have the responsibility to moderate in this situation?
  • What is the situation/problem/issue about?
  • The staff member with the higher rank than me, are they okay with my actions?
  • Am I supposed to be in-charge at this point in time and situation?


Before you take any moderation actions you should consider on the section on top. In some servers, you can get into trouble or be demoted by moderating when you're not supposed to. For example, You're a Support Team, and you ban a members for breaking a rule instead of informing a Moderator.