M110: Dealing with NSFW
Before you take a look, know that this section contains cw (content warning).

What constitutes NSFW Content?

NSFW content, or Not Safe For Work content, refers generally to sexually suggestive or pornographic images, but may also refer to images with excessive gore or violence. While moderating the latter is not usually an issue (due to gory images being easier to judge and less frequent in nature), what constitutes “too sexual” is a line that is drawn differently for different people. While some things, such as full frontal nudity, exposed breasts, and other definitively pornographic materials are easier to classify into NSFW, many cases will be in a gray area. When considering if something in this gray area is too sexual to be considered SFW (safe for work), ask yourself the following.
  • Is the art more sexually suggestive than what is in the game itself?
  • Does the art focus on sexual body parts, such as breasts, butt, hips, or genitals?
  • Does the art focus on sexual body parts, such as breasts, butt, hips, or genitals?
  • Is there a significant amount of skin exposure outside of a normal context (e.g., bathing suit art could show more skin than say, someone in a classroom)
  • Is any underwear visible?
If the answer to two or more of these questions is yes, then it is likely the image is too NSFW for the server. However, you can always ask another moderator for second opinions.
Text based messages should be judged based on how explicitly sexual they are. Sexual innuendo might be appropriate depending on context (e.g., eggplant emojis), but a statement
like “I would fuck her in the ass” would definitely not be appropriate for the server. The text based justification also applies to “pictures of text” such as memes or pictures of conversations.
This can result in Banning users if the content is posted outside NSFW Marked channels.