M101: Moderator Logging
Logging actions in a Channel.
When you moderate, it's always a good Idea to log your actions, warnings, and other things you moderated in the server, even if you do it with a bot or manually, it's always a good idea to keep track of all the moderation done in your server.

How do you log?

The most easiest way to log all the moderation channel is to have a channel to log moderation specifically. You can see an example of moderation logging channels below.
Moderation Report Channel

What are the benefits?

    Up on Ban Appeals, it can be useful to get information about the action done by the staff member.
    Easier for Head Moderator / Admins to see all the moderation action is done.
    Other staff members can see if the actions is justified.


It's always a good idea to have a moderation logging system, via Discord Bots or Staff keying in the logs manually. It's easy to track all the moderation actions when there is a channel to post all the moderation that takes place in the server. Without Moderator logging in servers, it's hard to really pin point the exact situation and reasoning behind a mute / warn / kick / ban.
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